Sexuality & Spirituality



Spirituality Education

  • Specializes in developing sexuality savvy seminarians
  • Improves ministry approaches to sexuality issues
  • Engages institutions in collaborative education

The Moriah Institute Sexuality and Spirituality Series

Is a learning intensive designed for groups of individuals who work in parish ministry. It is designed to increase knowledge of sexuality, probe biblical teaching and explore feelings and attitudes that impact teaching practices, behavior and counseling.This learning series is ideal for parish education courses and institutional retreats.

This course is available for adults who work with adults, adults who work with adolescents and there is a special component for youth leaders who work with their peers. Participants learn through group discussions, initiatives, reading assignments, journal writing, and lecture presentations.

Sexuality and Ministry Course for Seminarians

This course is designed to explore issues of human sexuality, particularly as it relates to those who are preparing for parish ministry. Students will examine biblical texts related to sexuality, study contemporary pastoral concerns, and learn how to use internet and other resources for information and referral purposes. The overall objective of this course is to help students gain a greater awareness of personal, societal, religious/spiritual and historical sexuality issues that impact pastoral leadership