Rites of Passage

Rites of Passage Institute

  • Encourages adolescents as they become young adults
  • Builds bridges between generations
  • Supports success at home, in school, and in the community

The Rites of Passage Program for Youth

The Rites of Passage Program for Youth aims to impress upon young persons the taking of responsibility for their moral conduct as they enter into young adulthood. Through a six-month series of workshops, overnight sessions, and a retreat, young people learn: independent living skills, career exploration, appreciation for the environment, life-saving skills, growth through physical challenges, recognition of community responsibility, focus on personal goals, and heightened historical and ancestral awareness.

Our Rites of Passage program, with its particular emphasis upon the Orita Ritual, serves as a springboard to set in motion a concern for the future of the world and the role each one is to play. The word “orita” itself means crossroads, or the point where two ways converge. In a true sense, this is what choice is all about. young people are encouraged to discern the importance of making healthy positive life choices.

The Rites of Passage Training for Trainers

The Rites of Passage Training for Trainers is a program that advances youth development for faith-based and other youth organizations in urban areas. It offers comprehensive learning experiences for youth leaders – lay and clergy – who have responsibility for organizing youth programs. Training includes an understanding of youth spiritual formation, youth development, study of contemporary needs of youth; training in group dynamics and team building initiatives, study of local support resources, and exposure to curriculum development.