Rites of Passage Flyer

Join our

Rites of Passage Program

for Youth

In grades 10 – 12

Begins on  November 10, 2012 at 1PM

Take part learning experiences to help youth enter into young adulthood.  Workshops include:

  • Workshops about life choices which  explores career paths and  the circuitous nature of life that leads us to may different conclusions as to how we decide to make a contribution to society—school, family, job, etc.
  • College visit to a local university campus that includes background information about the school as well as conversations with college students about their choices and goals.
  • Workshops on self-respect and responsibility in family and personal relationships
  • Practice and care for community is encouraged through service projects that help young people to understand the importance of making a positive impact in the neighborhood.
  • Considerations for effective use of leisure time is explored through exercises and discussions about time management.
  • Coping skills for new school settings and the workplace offers an opportunity for young people to examine what they understand about expectations people have of them and what they expect from others and offers ways to help them search out the “culture’ of a new setting to establish appropriate protocol for dress, behavior and lines of communication.

Our Rites Youth say…

Before coming to Rite of Passage, I was never one to really take on challenges or even challenge myself.  Because of that, I’ve never really looked at myself as moving towards womanhood.It taught me to strategize different skills that I may encounter and how I can use them to the best of my ability so that I may reach the path of womanhood.    Amani

In the Rites of Passage program is the fact that the mentors and peer leaders treated everyone as a mature adult.  I thank God that I was invited to join the Rites of Passage.  When I first joined the group I was extremely shy and didn’t interact with the others.  Due to an event in my past that took place I felt like I can’t get too close to anyone.  It haunted me for many years until that faithful day when I first encountered the Rites of Passage.  They taught me that there will be obstacles in life growing up but as you reach adulthood, you can figure out ways to overcome these obstacles, which means that the past should stay in the past. A couple of weeks later and here I am talking to people making new friends and ready to step into manhood. The rites of passage helped me to remove the veil from my eyes and realize that I doubted myself too much and that I am ready to move up in life.–Christian

When I went on the retreat and was talking about manhood, family and life, I truly realized that I was not a child anymore but a young man ready to step into manhood.  Also, I believe that entering manhood was subconscious.  After the retreat, I sat down in my room and asked myself am I a young man. I thought about and reflected upon my last couple of years and the retreat.  It was then I knew that I am ready for manhood… Rites of Passage showed me how and what a leader should be like, also how to work with other people.  I also learned that you cannot do or work alone…—Malcolm

What stands out the most about the Rites of Passage experience as a significant factor is the courage to try new challenges.  This stands out for me the most because it helped me to do something new in my life, helped me to strive for the piece of humble pie and to boost my confidence in different ways—Brittany