About Us

The Moriah Institute is…

The Moriah Institute is non-profit organization dedicated to designing and implementing learning experiences for adolescents and adults. We have a considerable focus on adolescent development, sexuality education, and spiritual awareness. 

The Moriah Institute offers educational support for faith-based institutions, youth development agencies and any other group seeking educational resources within our primary focus.

We believe that young people are vital gifts to the world who need encouragement and support. We believe in the importance of promoting healthy sexuality for youth and adults that is rooted in the basic principle of love . We believe in a radical inclusively that respects the person-hood of all of God’s creations

Our work is in two main areas: youth development through our Rites of Passage Institute and Sexuality/Spirituality Education programs. These include training for trainers with adolescents and adults.

Rites of Passage Institute

  • Encourages adolescents as they become young adults
  • Builds bridges between generations
  • Supports success at home, in school, and in the community

Sexuality and Spirituality Education

  • Specializes in developing sexuality savvy seminarians
  • Improves ministry approaches to sexuality issues
  • Engages institutions in collaborative education

One to One: Rev. Dr. Mariah Ann Britton

Teenage Love Daniellla Wilson